convince in an hawaiian look

to give, to cause, to inspire


(Latin for) to give, to cause, to inspire.

Aloha! We got some new, stylish products from bow addo!

A long way from hawaii to switzerland lies behind them. And the way has been totally worth it, then we're totally in love with them!!


But first some infos about bow addo.

As already mentioned, bow addo is based in Maui, Hawaii. 

It all started as a hobby, trough the many compliments and positive feedback has inspired bow addo to design more while giving back to a worthy cause, one that gave them the opportunity to rescue and be rescued.


20% of every purchase goes to local Maui Humane Society, this is an independent non-profit organization which accepts all in need, educates the community, and inspires respect and compassion towards all animals.


And now to the products we got. 

We choose the Bow Ties Arizona and Serve Beyond Your Tribe.

We also got the Bandana Moana.

They are such eyecatches and give a good contrast to both Yokos' and Easts' fur.

We most certainly are in love with the products we got!


And now shop your own Bow Tie or Bandana!

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